Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Drunken Duck

Whilst out and about on my Christmas shopping expedition today I ventured in to Waterstones to peruse the shelves.  I gravitated, as always, to the knitting books whereas my husband sought solace in the travel section.  Like most men Christmas shopping is just not his thing! As I struggled with the usual urge to buy or not to buy my dearly beloved wandered over and kindly thrust a book under my nose.  "Thought this might interest you!" he said pointing to a section in a book on pub names.  Now why would a self-confessed knitterholic be interested in pub names I hear you ask,  well let me enlighten you.  The section in question related to the Lakeland pub - "The Drunken Duck".  The pub apparently acquired its name following an incident with a leaking beer barrel, a duck, and a resourceful landlady.  Intrigued? then I'll begin.  Once upon a time, one fine day a landlady wandered out into her yard and to her great surprise stumbled upon a dead duck.  Not wanting to waste the fine creature she decided to pluck it and roast it for dinner but as she removed the last of its feathers it began to stir.  Staggering to its feet the duck then waddled and swayed its way back into the yard followed by one rather startled landlady.  Back outside the mystery was soon solved.  The duck had not been dead but merely dead drunk.  A beer barrel had leaked into the feed trough and the unsuspecting duck had drunk its fill, and more besides.  Feeling quite sorry for the duck the repentant landlady knitted the little creature a pullover to wear until its feathers grew back.  The duck subsequently became quite a celebrity and the pub changed its name accordingly.

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