Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thinking about Grandmother Spider

I've been thinking about Grandmother Spider a lot recently, perhaps its the knitter in me that links me to this image of the Divine Feminine. I love the way she sings and spins the world into being. If I listen very carefully I can just hear the beauty of her tune from somewhere far, far within. Its faint but yes its there, just audible through the mental chatter of ego. A gentle ripple of sound waves across the cosmos like a beautiful dewy spider's web rippling gently in the early morning breeze.

Sandra Ingerman has a lovely chapter in her book Medicine for the Earth where she talks about creation myths and suggests how to connect to your particular myth using song and dance. I think Grandmother Spider would approve. I can almost see her glowing with unconditional love as she feels the ripples travelling up through the silken threads of her web.

When Grandmother Spider wove the web of life around us she attached a silken thread to the top of each of our heads. If we remained open we would remember our connection and have access to her wisdom and teachings. I think over time too many of us have fallen asleep. If we were to examine the patterns of our lives that we ourselves currently weave we might discover our webs no longer glisten with love and light but instead lack lustre, colour and life. They mirror what we have become. They are chaotic like the webs woven by Witt's spiders during his study into the effects of drugs on spiders. We have become lost, absorbed in our various addictions. We have forgotten our connection to the Divine Feminine. Our webs no longer reflect the beauty of our souls.

But in life like in knitting we can change our pattern. So lets wake up, rediscover our connection and weave a web that truly reflects our souls. Let the needles dance in your hands. Sing with your heart to the gentle rhythm of the needles moving to and fro and watch what beauty unfolds. And as you knit and watch listen for that far away sound of Grandmother Spider.