Tuesday, March 27, 2007


A month has passed since I last blogged I can hardly believe it. Life is truly stressful at the moment. I am still trying to throw off the viral infection that has been hanging around for over a month now. Unfortunately with the DIY chaos and packing I think there is little chance of a full recovery until we are settled in the new house. Yes we managed to find somewhere to live in Fife - a very lucky break as there is a shortage of properties in the rental sector (well ones we would consider living in). We have taken out a six month lease on a farmhouse which has fantastic views - pictures to follow in a few weeks. When we first viewed the property there were three deer grazing in the adjoining field and a couple of buzzards soaring overhead.
Our current house is a DIY nightmare at the moment. We have no kitchen and the fourth bedroom is a project in progress. The new kitchen should arrive in a couple of weeks I just need to find a kitchen fitter. Well better get of to Focus I need some Dulux paint for the kitchen ceiling. Four coats of Wikes matt still hasn't achieved the desired result ... am I sick of painting ceilings or what!!


lucy said...

Wishing you very well for your move - the chaos will pass. Your new home sounds lovely :)

speedyuk said...

we have been looking for a farmhouse in fife and with no luck can i ask how you found yours
and if you know of any other ones for let