Sunday, January 20, 2013

My project and journey

"Made in Kirkcaldy" will explore the incredible journey of Michael Nairn from canvas weaver to floorcloth manufacturer.  I became captivated by the story of Michael Nairn after reading the first few pages of Augustus Muir's book "The Nairns of Kirkcaldy".  Whilst turning the pages of Muir's short history I found myself transported back in time to a Kirkcaldy I barely recognised.  How much the landscape of where I now stay has been shaped by one man's vision and drive.  As I begin my own personal journey retracing the footsteps of Michael Nairn I find myself both amazed and shocked by what once was but no longer is.   For me the decision to demolish the iconic linoleum factory which sits forlorn and forgotten on Victoria Road seems deeply sad.  It signals the end of an era and the loss of yet another chapter in the story of Michael Nairn's legacy.  A man who's foresight and quest for quality undoubtedly led to Kirkcaldy becoming the capital of the linoleum world.

       1900 Photograph: Unknown © Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery

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