Saturday, August 06, 2011

AFK - too long

Think I have been AFK (as James would say) for too long. Can't believe it was January 2008 when I last wrote a post; so much has happened since then and way too much to write here. But I feel it is perhaps now time for a revisit to Big Stitch Little Stitch.

Our planned holiday to Wales ended up being postponed due to a poorly Landrover. Despite Nigel's best efforts the big green Sinclair machine is still in no fit state to travel. So we are holidaying at home and to everyone's surprise we are having a lovely time. Spent a beautiful day in the Lomond Hills yesterday and had a very chilled out lunch at Pillars of Hercules - I love that place.

Today we have been chilling out at home. Nigel and Thea have been working on the treehouse and James and me have been doing a bit of cooking. The poppy seed rolls worked out a treat and half have been scoffed already - very yummy! Tried to scavenge some wood from the neighbour's skip for the treehouse but no one was at home. Could do a midnight raid but think I'll try the face to face approach first - hopefully someone will be at home tomorrow.
Time now to revisit my soul prints knitting art project. Photos to follow for all you knitting lovers out there.

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