Saturday, October 27, 2007

Finding Our Feet

We are settling into our new home despite most of our belongings still being in boxes. Progress on the decorating front has slowed, something that needs to be addressed urgently if we are ever to unpack the mountains of boxes that inhabit virtually all the rooms. Since moving in Thea and James have been sleeping on the landing - yes it is a big landing!
With concern growing over climate change we are trying to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. Living in a town means we can now walk to the library, swimming baths, railway station and shops. We are also extremely lucky to have a woodland at the bottom of our garden which we can access via a gate. The woodland leads down to a lake and some very attractive countryside. Other efforts to reduce our footprint include buying our fruit and vegetables through an organic box scheme and purchasing a manual push mower. Our old electric lawn mower burnt out on the last grass cut at the farmhouse. I think all the mole hills and vole holes were just too much for it. I am well impressed with the Qualcast Panther, no effort to push and gives your lawn those lovely stripes - just like a bowling green!
At the beginning of October we went to a local home education group meeting. Everyone seemed really friendly and it gave Thea and James the opportunity to meet some other children. Thea has also joined Scouts and James Cubs.
We are following the Maths Enhancement Program materials. It is particularly good for Thea as it provides work books for Key Stage 3 and 4, and what's more its FREE. Home educators can get a password to enable them to access the teacher's notes and answer sheets - I discovered this by ringing the Centre for Innovation in Maths Teaching. Apparently the materials are popular with home educators in America.

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