Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Moving On

After six months of chaos we are finally in our new home and its chaos. So what have we been up to over the past six months? For anyone who might be remotely interested here is a very very brief summary:

April - June
Renovating our old house to sell. Must have done something right as we sold it within four days and for the asking price so no complaints there then.

Packing up far too much stuff, giving loads away on freecycle and making too many runs to the local tip.

Very tearful and heartbreaking goodbye to friends and family.

Arrival at our rented property in Fife, a lovely property with stunning views over the Firth of Forth.

Spent five hours in BT pay phones trying to get a phone connection, eventually succeeded and after moaning about appalling level of service got three months three rental as compensation.

Friends and family visited and we spent some very enjoyable days exploring Fife.

Bought a house with very interesting internal decorations - yes more decorating looms on the horizon.

Pursued by former Education Authority as children have been classed as missing persons; that's what you get for being open, honest and fully transparent. I have made a formal complaint and received a sort of apology. I will post the whole saga shortly as it maybe of interest to other home edders who are about to move.

September - today
Had a well earned break in the Lake District in between stripping wall paper and knocking out a wall.

Tuffdy, Thea's six year old guinea pig, died - very sad.

Moved house again this time courtesy of a man with a van and us with a Luton box van - not something I want to repeat unless we loose about fifty percent of our belongings. Oh and in between all this we have been doing some home education including learning Latin - so salvete omnes.

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Lucy said...

welcome back to blogland - hope you are very happily settled now :)