Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creativity is akin to insanity

Yesterday's presentation of my artwork went well, good to know all those late nights were well invested.  I can now move onto my new project - Linoleum. It has been a real fight trying to stop myself from starting work on this project.  So many temptations kept presenting themselves which would set my creative mind in a spin - the arrival in the post of Nairns of Kirkcaldy by Augustus Muir, the faint smell of linseed oil as I stepped out the front door and finally, finding some vintage lino tiles on the floor of a fife farmhouse kitchen.  I got really excited about the latter especially when I discovered the farmer still had some leftover tiles stashed away in a cupboard under the stairs and said I could have them.  That really started a tornado in my brain I can tell you.  Well if you are now beginning to think I'm mad you are probably right. Scientists do say creativity is akin to insanity but then what do scientists know, they once thought the earth was flat.

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