Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Half Term

It is half term in North Yorkshire so the children are making the most of seeing their friends. Thea and James have both had friends for sleepovers and last night Thea spent the night at a friend's house.
This morning we attended a meeting of the Tees Valley Home Education group. It was great fun and James thoroughly enjoyed building with Teifoc Bricks (brick laying in miniature), Mum thought it was pretty good fun too. A reporter turned up at the meeting from a local newspaper, she is writing an article on home education, I wonder what spin she will put on it. During the afternoon Thea made some Peppermint Creams and then set up a stall outside to sell them. She made 20p - an entrepreneur in the making perhaps?
I have been looking at houses in Fife and haven't yet seen anything that really catches my eye. I can definitely see us living in the caravan for a few months. I am so pleased we have invested in a more deluxe model.

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