Monday, February 12, 2007

Kissu Capers

Much of the weekend has again been spent decorating and when I haven't been decorating I have been clearing out junk. Its amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years and we haven't even started on the garage or loft yet!!

On Sunday we decided to go for a walk with some friends. Although the weather was misty it was noticeably warmer than earlier in the week. After 12 years in a wardrobe and a rucksack the Kissu (storm shelter - perhaps best described as a tent without poles) was finally put into action. The kids had great fun trying it out and it made a cosy retreat for our snack. Even the dog joined in on the fun - see last photo. Can't imagine what any passing hikers made of the whole episode - must have looked very strange!

Today we went to the first meeting of a home education group in Durham and had an enjoyable time playing games and making valentine mobiles. Lets hope the group is now able to build upon this successful first meeting. There is certainly a need for more of these types of events across the North East region.

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