Thursday, February 08, 2007


Still tired from the day trip to Fife. The snow was a bit challenging in the borders but we managed to get to the interview with 30 minutes to spare.
I tried to take some photos of the Forth Road Bridge for Thea and James but as we didn't have time to pull over the overall effect was less than impressive - nice rear shot of a white van but even a speed camera could have done a better job!

Just heard from Nigel we are emigrating to Scotland. Guess that means the DIY will be stepping up a gear. Perhaps its time to write to DIY SOS with a desperate plea for help. I think I could live with the embarrassment of appearing on TV if it meant everything was finished in a weekend.

When I collected Thea and James from their sleepover my mum commented how much she thought James' reading had improved. I was really pleased that she could see a difference but what pleased me more was that he felt confident enough to read to her.

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lucy said...

Just commenting to wish you all the best with your move :) Be good to yourselves while going through it and I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end :)