Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Triangular Numbers

Spent most of yesterday feeling unwell so I decided to encourage the kids to watch Schools TV on BBC2, not something we usually do. We all thought the Maths Challenge was good fun, I think we will start watching it on a more regular basis.

We have been exploring the concept of triangular numbers - a number that can make a triangular dot pattern. Good job I bought the Primary Maths Dictionary as I don't remember ever doing triangular numbers at primary or secondary school. After working through some examples Thea rushed off to get a box of Tobelerone and swiftly arranged the sweets into a triangular number configuration. Thea then raised an interesting point - how can 1 be a triangular number, it doesn't make a triangle. After some consideration she then said if the dots were triangles as opposed to circles that would work, see picture below.
Both Thea and James decided to spend Tuesday night and Wednesday with Nanna rather than accompany Nigel to Fife for his interview. A wise move given the weather forecast. I don't know what it is about us and Scotland and extreme weather.

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Lin said...

My boys love maths challenge too, although we missed that particular programme as we don't watch it every day.