Monday, January 22, 2007

Activities and Accidents

A hectic weekend. James went quad biking on Saturday and had a good time. Saturday evening Thea attempted to hurdle a piece of furniture and failed, bashing her toes badly in the process. The result of this collision was a trip to A & E on Sunday morning and a diagnosis of a broken toe. Thea is currently unable to put any weight on her foot owing to the pain, swelling and bruising. Her broken toe has been strapped to the adjoining toe to give it some support.
Sunday evening Nigel and I worked late on his bullying complaint in preparation for a meeting on Monday. I hope he is soon able to secure another job elsewhere as I am not confident his current employer will deal with the complaint very effectively. Whether it is school or in the workplace the victim always seems to get a raw deal.
Decoration of the house continues a pace as I am convinced a move is in the offing. If a job offer does come we are not sure whether to sell or rent our existing house, its a difficult decision.
I have just applied for membership to The Living Math Forum and have been browsing the Living Math web site, looks interesting. It has tempted me to make a couple of book purchases - Read Any Good Math Lately?, Anno's Magic Seeds, and Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar.

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