Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Planets and packing

Lost my blog entry last night when the computer decided to shut down. It has started doing this of late I think there is a conflict between the Microsoft software and the new wireless router software, very annoying and it always seems to do it when I'm writing up my blog. Perhaps it is trying to tell me something about my writing!!

Yesterday the LEA Home Education Advisor returned my phone call. She seems very friendly and was able to update me on progress regarding accessing library books marked schools project and the setting up of exam centres for private candidates. All sounds very positive, fingers crossed these things become a reality very soon - the wheels of local authority or not renowned for turning quickly.

Called in at the library yesterday afternoon and picked up a children's abridged copy of Jane Eyre for 30p in the book sale. Thea was really please as she has been wanting to read the book after watching the BBC series last year. I also got a book - Picasso's War: the extraordinary story of an artist and a painting that shook the world. The painting in question is of course Guernica, I was always fascinated by this and his other pictures as a child. I am looking forward to reading the book, I think I will take it with me to Aberdeen to read in the evenings.

Last night we experimented with making salt scrub and produced something that was quite acceptable. Followed this Lavender Salt Scrub recipe minus the sweet almond oil and vitamin E because we didn't have any.

I was really touched this morning when I found a blog comment from toe-by-toe-man, I have been checking out the web site and found lots of really helpful tips, thank you Keith and keep up the good work.

I have managed to find a caravan site at Inverurie so if the weather doesn't deteriorate too much we should be able to accompany Nigel up to Aberdeen for his interview. Must get the van packed now if we are to leave by 10.00 am tomorrow, I reckon it will take us a good six hours to get there. That's if we are not blown away on route - the weather forecast is looking slightly worrying.

This afternoon we met up with other home educators at the Planetarium at Wynyard Woodland Park. The one hour show about space was excellent and I think we will be making a return visit. Afterwards we had a lovely walk along the old railway line and through Thorpe Wood, it was very tranquil. Well I'm off to finish the packing and then I will have to clean the guinea pigs out before they go on vacation to a friends.

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