Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A White World

Woke up to a white world this morning, very pretty. James was desperate to get outside and play in the snow so was up and dressed in no time - a pleasant change. Poor Thea couldn't enjoy the snow as her toe was too painful to walk on. I think our walks in the countryside are going to be curtailed for a few days.

The pantomime we saw last week has inspired Thea to write a play of her own - Ping and the Appalling Pong. The play is about a giant with a windy problem. A group of villagers set off to kill the giant because they think he is stealing their electricity but find he isn't responsible. All ends happily when the villagers harness the methane gas and use it to produce green energy. Very funny especially the "Eh bye gum, I smell the pump from a giant's bum!"
Thea and James have also been very busy making costumes for the play.
This evening we have been finding out some facts about Ethiopia - Fluffy's next stop over. Ethiopia is the most mountainous country in Africa: almost three quarters of the country is higher than Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain. Unique among African countries, Ethiopia maintained its freedom from colonial rule, the one exception being the Italian occupation of 1936-41.

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