Thursday, January 18, 2007

More Epic Journeys

Was today the best day to visit the National Railway Museum? - ironically probably not if you were traveling by train. Just when I thought our epic travel journeys were over they came back to haunt us with a vengeance. Getting to the NRM was fairly straightforward unfortunately the same could not be said about the return journey. Upon reaching York station for our homeward bound journey we found it grid locked with nothing moving north or south. When I enquired about the next train to Northallerton I was told I had better think about booking into a hotel for the night or find a taxi. Would the train company cover the cost of the taxi I asked - reading between the lines I felt the answer was probably no. Well our determination and patience paid off and we were eventually able to get a train home an hour later than originally planned not too bad when all things considered.
The River Ouse swollen by rain
Purchasing a platform ticket to see the Royal Trains
James and I were much amused by the bath in the Royal train. We pondered over how the water could be contained within the bath whilst the train was in transit. Our question was answered by the audio guide which explained that when the bath was in use a strict speed limit was enforced.
Constructing trains

Railway Karaoke!

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