Thursday, September 07, 2006

Border Antics

Well we finally did manage to get away. Nigel's back recovered sufficiently to withstand the car journey. He says that sitting is the worse thing for his back. Our first few nights were spent at Jedburgh, a picturesque town with quite a lot to explore. Thea and James enjoyed looking round Jedburgh Abbey and having a go at building arches out of wooden blocks. We also spent a lovely afternoon at Harestones Country Park, looking at the minibeast exhibition, following the maths trail and walking up to Wellington's Monument. Although we were a touch disappointed when we reached the monument to discover you couldn't ascend to the top.

Thea explores a sculpture celebrating Hutton's unconformity.

Jedburgh Abbey - the spiral staircases were great.

James fits the last block to his arch - will it hold?

Thea builds an abbey of her own.

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