Thursday, September 07, 2006

Spinning and battling

Today has been a very mixed day. This morning Thea was in writing mode and produced two short pieces, one titled - How to Annoy your Teacher! (not aimed at me she says) and the other:

How to cure arachnophobia
Spider, spider in your hair,
Spider, spider in the air,
Spider, spider in the loo.

Small spider, medium spider, large spider,
big spider, massive spider as big as your head.

Spider, spider touch me please,
I might be a wolf spider
and bite you on the knee.

Spider, spider getting closer,
Spider, spider, spider, spider.

Bigger, and bigger, and bigger,
I'm the biggest spider you've ever seen.

I think this was inspired after we found a rather large wolf spider on Thea's bedroom ceiling the other night. I'm not usually phased by spiders but I didn't fancy catching this with my bare hands. He was pretty nifty. Eventually managed to capture him in a Pringle carton and released him outside.
The Hama beads are back out and Thea has recommenced work on her planet project. Previously she had made, completely from Hama, the Sun, Earth, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto (of course Pluto will now need to be reclassified as a dwarf planet after being demoted last month) and a star. Today she worked on depicting some of the constellations - Ursa Major, Orion and Draco. Unfortunately we ran out of blue Hama beads for the sky so the project is temporarily on hold until we purchase some more. The Stellarium web site was great for helping map the constellations.
We are continuing to work on washing and carding our swaledale fleece ready for spinning. James was keen to have a go at both carding and spinning, although I felt the wheel was a bit on the big side for him. Never the less he wasn't deterred. Tonight I collected my drop spindle that a friend had ordered from Twisted Fibre Craft Studio. James has already asked if he can have a go tomorrow. This afternoon I had to go to a meeting so both kids spent part of the afternoon with Nanna, watching TV and knitting! Makes a change from them playing on Adventure Quest - their latest game obsession. Thea found out about it from her American E-Pal.
The evening was spent at Athletics for James and I, and swimming for Thea. Yes, I have actually joined the Women's Beginners Running Group and managed a respectable 2 miles without collapsing in a heap. Quite a relief especially given that my running partner was a lovely lady in her late 60s. She is in training for the Great North Run and just recovering from an emergency operation. I have no such excuse to offer and won't even bother trying to make one up. I am expecting walking to be a slight problem tomorrow! Guess the paracetamol bottle may be called upon at some point during the day.
Thea has announced that next week is to be Vegan week so we are spending the next few days compiling menus and visiting the local health food shop. I think she got the idea yesterday after enjoying some rather yummy Vegi-Deli sage and onion slices.


peri said...

Please tell Thea just much I enjoyed her spider poem - it's awesome - I read it out to the family. We love spiders (hence the tarantulas) - they are such amazing creatures. Her poem made our day start with a smile, which is always a good thing.

Yay - spinning!

lucy said...

We have those wolves at the moment too- very scary! Good luck with your vegan week :) Don't deprive yourselves - plenty chocolate treats here -