Friday, September 15, 2006

Five in one

Well I am seriously behind with my blog writing so here is a concerted effort to get it up to date - five blogs in one.
Friday 15th September
Visited another home educating family in North Yorkshire. It was lovely to meet up as we don't get that many opportunities to meet up with other HE families. Spent the afternoon washing carpets, yes I have hired an industrial machine. In order to get my monies worth I now feel obliged to wash all the carpets in the house. Fortunately we don't have any downstairs. Quite a relief I can assure you. I don't know what's worse the stress of feeling you have to wash all the carpets or seeing what comes out of your carpets. Still I don't think we qualify for appearing on how clean is your house. I am always amazed at people who agree to have their houses filmed in such a horrendous state - they must be truly desperate for help.
Thursday 14th September
We have received our second postcard exchange today - two postcards from Ottawa showing the Rideau Canal and Parliament Buildings, in summer and in winter.
A search through our gardening books has revealed what we can plant and grow through the autumn and winter. A seed order has now been placed with Chiltern Seeds for the following:
Bunching Onion - 'Photon'
Corn Salad - Verte de Cambrai
Flowering Purple Choi - Purple Chuy Sum
Chinese Kale - Kailaan
Japanese Greens - Mizuna
Spinach - Giant Thick Leaved Prickly (I think I bought the spring/summer variety the other day).
Thea is keen to make some candy as described on the Science of Cooking site. I didn't realise that temperature was so important in sweet making, consequently we have had to purchase a sugar thermometer. We also bought some marshmallows and had fun growing and eating monster mallows. Attempted to wash the caravan carpets with our Vax. Too much like hard work, will hire an industrial machine tomorrow.

Managed to run a mile in 10 minutes and 49 seconds without collapsing. Really need to get some extra training in during the week, its just finding the time!

Wednesday 13th September
I had to spend most of the day at work so Thea and James visited Nanna. James enjoyed watching a programme on zoos and constructing crossbows out of Kinex. Thea was in writer mode for part of the day and wrote a short story about three friends being evacuated to the country. Spent the afternoon cleaning caravans, I think I will wash the carpets tomorrow if the weather remains good.

Tuesday 12th September
The reading mission is completed and Thea and James received their medals. Borrowed some more books from the library:
Also Creative Crafts - Masks, The Usborne Guide to Woodwork (James liked the boat designs), Usborne Internet-Linked Italian for Beginners and Spanish for Beginners. On the way home from the library we called in at the local garden centre and purchased some onion sets and spinach seeds. Spent the afternoon at the allotment turning the first sod. Grandpa came to give a hand. The neighbouring allotment holder told us rabbits were a bit of a problem so James and Thea dug a trap. Hope I can remember where it is otherwise I may become it first victim.
James got his 25m award at swimming, he was positively beaming and so was I.
The new caravan has arrived, it is a bit of a beast. We now have two caravans parked on the lawn, I am worried the neighbours may complain. We will have to sell our old van on eBay pretty quick.
Monday 11th September
We were all a bit tired after the manic weekend and spent Monday chilling out. It gave me time to try and sort out the insurance policy for the new caravan. Thea checked out a great cooking web site, loads of fun recipes and activities, and designed an Avatar family. James enjoyed watching a couple of his favourite videos. Also spent some time constructing model aeroplanes and boats out of balsa wood. The highlight of the day was a call from the allotments secretary offering us half an allotment. We met him on site and clinched the deal - so begins the good life minus pigs and hens!

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