Wednesday, September 20, 2006

If at first you don't succeed...

On Monday morning we took a trip into the village to select a postcard to send to Chesapeake in the US. We sat in the sun outside the library and decided what we were going to write on our card. We wrote about the moors being brown for ten months of the year and purple for two and how each year children made model boats to float on the Leven in celebration of Captain Cook. The card is now winding its way to the States.
We spent the afternoon on the allotment removing horse radish, couch grass and nettles. The horse radish was fiendish and took some digging and pulling; as vegetarians we don't have much need for the stuff. Back at home James and I dug out one of our compost bins. We now have about 10 bags of excellent compost ready to go to the allotment to use as a mulch. I am keen to try a no dig method of cultivation, seems to make a lot of sense to me. Whilst digging out the compost bin James and I heard a frog croaking - I thought they only did that in the spring.
After losing on eBay last night I adopted the bidding tactics of my previous night's opponent (well you live and learn) and success was ours. I am now the owner of one new bike trailer, delivery expected within the next seven days.

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