Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jackpot...well not quite

My luck must be in I have just had my first win on the Premium Bonds - £50. Pity it wasn't £50,000 or £150,000 but I'm not complaining it will pay for the bike trailer. Work required my attendance today so Thea and James spent most of the day with Nanna. They took a trip to the local museum to see the Titantic exhibition, judging by their comments it was very good.

Thea and I are reading Roald Dahl's - Boy: Tales of Childhood, a great read. It is fascinating to see where some of the ideas came from for his stories and characters. Tonight we were shocked to read how he virtually lost his nose in a car accident. I have been closely examining the photos of him to see if you can see the stitch line!

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