Friday, August 11, 2006

Another quiet day

James and I made up this morning and I apologised for losing my rag. A member of our local HE group sent me a lovely message last night telling me not to worry about James' reading. I really appreciated the words of wisdom, thank you Helen.

I'm wondering if summer has finished and autumn has arrived prematurely, what a cold, wet dreary day. We should have been camping tonight and tomorrow night but I'm afraid we've whimped out, the prospect of four of us cramped in a small tent with a wet dog is less than appealing.

This morning Thea and James chilled out watching the Wallace and Grommet DVD. Thea then decided to set up a Pokemon club and James and I became the first members. We were each given the task of researching a specific Pokemon character. Thea has been busy writing up all the facts in a notebook. Can't say I'm a big Pokemon fan but hey if it inspires my daughter to write and develop some basic research skills I'm not complaining.

James surprised me by reading some of the questions that appear on Runescape. If anything is going to encourage him to read it will be computer games. He also showed me a new game he had found on Mini Clip - Feed Me. The game features a insect eating plant, this got us onto a discussion about venus fly traps and other insectivorous plants. The kids have requested we buy a venus fly trap so tomorrow we are off to our local garden centre to purchase one, judging by the number of flies stuck to the fly paper hanging in the kitchen it won't go hungry. Thea has placed a jam jar on the back doorstep to collect some rainwater for watering the new acquisition, she recalls her Dad telling her how he killed his venus fly trap by watering it with tap water. Apparently they are sensitive to the chlorine in tap water. If the weather improves over the weekend we may go and look for sundew and butterwort on the moors, examples of our native insect eating plants.

Late afternoon we checked out the Canon 3D Papercraft website and printed off a paper model of the Eiffel Tower, which Thea and I stuck together. As the glue dried the model developed an interesting twist near the apex, hence Thea has renamed our tower The Twisted Tower of Paris. The Eiffel Tower website provided us with some interesting background facts to accompany our model. Viewing the website reminded me of a visit to the tower many years ago, the view from the top is without a doubt stunning but I'm not sure I wish to repeat the experience. I was just a bit unnerved (slight understatement here!) by the swaying of the tower or was that the vertigo. Thea is quite taken with the Papercraft website and has now progressed to building a model village.

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