Sunday, August 20, 2006

Big Saturday

Met some friends for a picnic on the beach. We haven't seen them for a while so it was good to catch up and have a chat. Both are teachers so the subject of teaching inevitably cropped up in the conversation. I really feel for them, the current government's policies leave teachers with very little freedom to use their own initiative and there is limited scope to be creative or imaginative. I am so glad we made our decision to home educate.

The surf was up and the beach was quite crowded with surfers. Other beachgoers were noticeable by their absence, maybe the rain had something to do with it!. Those of us who had ventured out spent much of our time sheltered under the pier. Although the day was quite warm and humid the same could not be said for the sea temperature. Thea and I braved it twice to the ride the waves, James put his toe in the water and opted for the warmer activity of sand excavation. Probably a wise move. Returned back to base and spent the remainder of the day thawing out in front of the log burner.

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