Monday, August 07, 2006

Two plus three

A request to make banana ice lollies (as made by Nev on CBBC) necessitated a trip to the local Co-op. Literacy this morning comprised of writing a shopping list of the required ingredients plus a few other items. The resulting list produced by Thea was considerably better than my usual scrawl. When I write a list I frequently forget to take it or struggle to read what I have written, not a good example to follow. At lunchtime I had agreed I would collect my friend's three children from school holiday club and mind them for the afternoon. At regular intervals throughout the morning Thea informed me exactly how many hours and minutes it was until collection time. I didn't know she was that good at calculating time, we always seemed to struggle with those questions on the school homework sheets. The banana lollies proved to be a great success, evident by the many chocolate smeared faces.
This evening finds me recovering from a near knockout blow by our border collie Nell. Whilst playing bat and ball with James Nell got carried away and succeeded in nutting me under the chin. The result was a sprained jaw and bleeding tongue, that's me not the dog. Nell appears unscathed by the whole incident.
Tried to encourage James to read a bit with me at bedtime but I faced the usual reluctance. I am now having one of my - will he ever learn to read panic episodes.

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