Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Panic Attack

We had to move up a gear today when a friend rang to say she and her daughter were coming to visit and would be arriving this afternoon. Arghhhh - the house!! I'm not saying our house was in complete chaos, that would be a slight over exaggeration, but the kids did have a number of projects underway and these were somewhat spread about the house. Then there were the books! We have a major weakness in this household where books are concerned. I am trying my utmost at present not to buy anymore but I keep coming across interesting titles that are not available through the library service. Books currently exceed available shelf space so consequently there are always piles of books by beds, under beds, on tables, etc. Looking at our book collection sets me thinking about something my Gran would say, it went along the lines - you can tell a lot about a person by looking at the books in their house. I am not quite sure what it says about us. We also have a tendency to hoard things, which may at some future point prove useful. Whilst the intention is good the usual scenario is we are unable to locate the required item when needed from the growing mounds of accumulated stuff. Very frustrating!! Following a team effort we did eventually manage to spruce up the house for our guests' arrival. Don't expect it will stay that way for long but I live in hope.

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