Monday, August 21, 2006

Lepidopterist Required

Dropped Thea and James off at Nanna's house whilst I attended Self Assessment for the Self Employed - fascinating! Actually it was quite interesting. Nanna informs me they made bread, watched Lilo and Stitch (free Reading Mission DVD selected by James), and visited the play park. Quite a busy day then. We planned in the afternoon to revisit the Atonement film set but got side tracked by a moth we discovered on the back garden gate post. We identified it as a Silver Y thanks to the help of The Butterfly Conservation Society website. I then noticed a green caterpillar wandering across my shirt - still as yet unidentified despite scrolling through the many photos on What's this Caterpillar. Any budding lepidopterist out there who recognises the species? Let us know if you do, please.

James, intrigued by the moth and caterpillar, went in search of further species. The dogwood seems to be a popular food plant, on it we found a rather impressive Vapourer Moth caterpillar and some green caterpillars that hid in tents constructed out of folded leaves held together by silk. Not sure what species they belong to. We now have a number of caterpillars in jam jars with fine net over the tops. James and Thea are hoping to rear these. I have just found a useful instruction sheet on the very subject - here.

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