Sunday, August 13, 2006

Esplanade and espionage

The wet weather continues. I'm glad we decided to give the camping a miss, I think tempers would have started to fray after two days of heavy rain.

Today we opted to go and see Stormbreaker at the Regent Cinema in Redcar. It was our last opportunity, the cinema closes for two weeks as from tomorrow for the filming of Ian McEwan's best selling novel Atonement. Apparently Redcar was chosen because it was the only town that could still pass for Dunkirk in the 1940s owing to its undeveloped beach and esplanade. We have been watching the development of the Atonement film set during the past month with much interest. The set is looking impressive, I cursed myself today for not taking my camera. However, on reflection the weather was not conducive for good photography. If it improves tomorrow I plan to return with the kids, I can't imagine we will have another opportunity to stand alongside a blockbuster film set.

The movie Stormbreaker was excellent, action packed, very funny and entertaining for both kids and adults. I can't comment on how true the movie is to the book as I haven't read it. I suspect Point Blanc the next book in the Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz will shortly be added to our bedtime reading list.
Tonight finds me childless as both kids are having a sleep over with Nanna. I hope they are behaving themselves.

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