Friday, August 25, 2006

Crafty Creations

James is struggling to learn the days of the week so we spent this morning designing calendars to help him remember them. This was my effort a Testarossa with changeable number plates.

Thea improved on my design producing a more interactive calendar. On her design the Testarossa moves around a racing track stopping alongside the relevant week day. At each stop you can refuel from the petrol pump in the centre. Note the black flexible fuel line in the picture.

Here is a shot of one of the bug books I mentioned in yesterday's blog. Made from 100% recycled materials.

The rest of today has been spent getting ready to go away on holiday. We are planning to go to Scotland for a week in the caravan, not sure where yet. The kids and I fancy visiting the Buddhist Monastry and Tibetan Centre at Eskdalemuir, it looks really interesting and has been recommended. Thea is also keen to visit Edinburgh and see the extinct volcano. Bad news on the caravan front though - discovered we have a serious case of rot in the roof around the skylight. The problem will not curtail our holiday but I can see I will have a new project for the autumn and winter - caravan restoration!! Found a few good DIY caravan repair websites so I think we will give it a go at trying to fix it.

Thea has discovered the Brilliant Brits series by Richard Brassey and is busy reading both Nelson and Elizabeth 1. She thinks they're well cool, I think they're pretty good too. Well guess we can tick a few boxes on the history curriculum.

My mum has just informed me that the Atonement film set will be open to the public at the weekend, work commences on dismantling it next week. Watch this blog for a further Atonement preview. I've borrowed the book from the library for my holiday reading.

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Arty Kid said...

hi but were did the iffel tower part go

Gamedude & Tibetan Star said...

Hi there fellow home-ed blogger
how do you get links as underlined words? I still haven't figured it out!