Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Growing Pains

Success at last, today we managed to buy some Alum for our crystal growing experiment. Boots the Chemist came up trumps with 500g for £4.00. We have already grown salt crystals but we want to have a go at growing some big alum crystals. We may even try colouring the crystals using food colourings.

Thea has completed a second day on her athletics course and was so taken with it we had to return this evening so she could join the athletics club. No complaints of knee pain tonight, remarkable given all the running, jumping and throwing. I can see I may have to take up running again to accompany Thea on her training runs. It seems a long time since I did the Great North Run, not sure I want to go there again!

James returned from his sleep over with Nanna, he had had a great time. One highlight of his stay was making paper helicopters. A simple design but extremely effective.

Finger knitting and French knitting books arrived in the post this morning. Yes we are a family that loves to knit, hence our blog name Big Stitch - Little Stitch. James tells me he is keen to turn his current French knitting into a snake.

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